Stories Of Impact

Sometimes, especially after you’ve given generously to a worthy cause or to an organization that you know in your heart does good work, it would be nice to know that your generosity has truly made a difference to those in need. That’s what this section of the website is about. Over time, we’ll relay some stories of the impact of your giving. As an example of stories to come:

To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer has been a frequent beneficiary of the Foundation for many years. Their work has a direct impact, saving lives. For instance, they provide the funds for breast cancer screening to many adults in need who could not otherwise afford them and whose lives might have been shortened or lost without your contributions. That’s a story worth telling.

Similarly, Zero Breast Cancer is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding the causes of breast cancer. Their focus is on research and the scientific studies which can lead to more effective medical procedures. Educating the public and medical professionals can then lead to better care and changes in professional and public policy - all of which saves lives. Important as it is, scientific research can seem a little less exciting. But these are things that matter. That’s why it’s important to tell some of the stories of impact of such work.

Sunflower Wellness rounds out yet another crucial aspect of care for those living with cancer. Proven, well-crafted exercise programs tailored to the specific needs of each individual can make a huge difference in a patient’s health, well-being and eventual recovery. Sunflower Wellness is one of our newest beneficiaries. After creating a “get acquainted” event for them to introduce their fine work to a wider population, they have begun offering their programs here in the Fitness facility at The Club at Harbor Point (which hosts our Foundation office). We look forward to passing along some of the inspiring stories of people benefiting from their exercise programs.

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin County offers truly vital services to our homeless neighbors and other stuggling citizens. 365 days of the year, the Free Dining Room serves the hungry of Marin, providing hundreds of meals every day to families with children, senior citizens and disabled people, and the “working poor” living below the poverty line and trying to make ends meet. The Free Dining Room often provides their only sustenance of the day. Last year the proceeds from the Foundation’s Golf Fore Giving event provided the funds for 10,000 meals, plus more than 400 bags of groceries distributed around the holidays. Served with dignity and a welcoming demeanor, receiving a helping hand when it’s needed most, results in transformed lives with inspiring stories to tell.